Oriental medicines food supplement

 from Japan

TUMUYUI products are made from KAMPO ingredients like 
oriental medicine method. 

Base on Five Elements Theory from ancient China. 

All natural ingredients
These are good for your health and beauty.


Safety of our products 

 All our products don’t include “Beni-Koji” that there are head-ups recently. 
And we haven’t been reported any health problem or products issues from established for 16 years. 
Please be relieved. 

[Our policy] 
“Develop the products for the customers who want to and provide the authentic products” 
This is our clear and strong policy we have been doing from established our company. 


1.       Not use coloring, preservative, fragrance 
2.       Use as little excipients as possible 
3.       Use raw materials tested for pesticide residue, arsenic residue, and harmful substances such as heavy metals residue 
4.       All products made in GMP factory 
5.       Worry-free products that our all staff want their lovely families to intake. 
We received the award in the product development category of  "Japan Beauty Company Award 2024”. 
This is the result that our product development policy and commitment to safety and security were highly evaluated in Japan. 


We will continue 
-To be there for women throughout their lives, and the health of their families. 
-To strive for product development and customer support with sincerity. 


Could you please contact us about anything if you have a question or concern? 
We'll be waiting for your contact sincerely. 

TUMUYUI ingredients

“Kampo herbal medicine” and “Superfood”
You can take all 127 kinds of ingredients and more than 500 kinds of nutrition only by this supplement.

Our Mission

We are always on the side of women.

And we are developing the supplement and haircare products that  women feeling the needs.

What are they having trouble with?
What are they worried about?
What makes them happy?
To support the health of women and their families who work hard 
We are hearing, thinking and listening for customer opinion seriously.
We are engaged in product development and services that are trusted. 

Contact us! We are waiting.


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